Personal finance writing


Although my business writing background is wide ranging, I offer extensive experience in creating engaging, plain-English content about personal finance and employee benefits.

I'm a former HR communication consultant at EY, Mercer and Segal, and I served as benefits communication manager at both Warner-Lambert and the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund. As staff writer with eAdvisor, a web-based financial planning advisory service, I authored more than 100 feature articles on personal finance. In addition to creating content for client organizations' employee financial education programs, I've written promotional materials for those programs.

My success in writing about financial planning and investing can be explained in broader terms: I'm passionate about translating complex concepts into language that makes sense, motivates and enhances people's lives.  

I'll be happy to show you samples of my writing. Just send me an email or call me at (216) 320-0623.